10 Signs That Your Vehicle needs Servicing

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Just like the human body, your vehicle needs proper maintenance to keep it at optimum performance. Over time, the mechanical parts of your vehicle would start to wear out, and this in turn, in turn,

More often than not, most of these problems go unnoticed at first, and this only makes the problem worse. Without proper care and maintenance, these problems keep degenerating until they blow out of proportion, creating even bigger and more complex issues.

Paying attention to your vehicle will help you notice these small issues before they become even bigger problems.

No matter how much attention you pay to your vehicle though, there is no way you’d be able to tell that your vehicle needs repairs if you can’t notice any faults. Thankfully, there are signs that hint at the fact that your car is ready for car servicing in Girraween.

Wondering what these signs are? Below are 10 of them to always look out for.

1. Unusual Noises

Have you been hearing strange noises coming from your car? This might be caused by problems with your engine, brake pad, gears, belt, or exhaust.

If you hear a high-pitched noise, it is most likely a fault caused by the belt coming loose or wearing out. If you hear squeals while driving, it is probably a problem with your car tires, or it may mean that your steering fluids need to be changed. Whatever the case may be, whenever you hear strange noises, you should take your vehicle to an automotive service expert in Girraween for check-ups.

2. Break Issues

Car breaks are meant to be very responsive when used. If your brakes are giving you issues like resistance, delay in response, or even oversensitivity, do not hesitate to take your car for a check-up as driving in such a condition is not safe. Your safety is a priority and should not be trifled with.

3. Poor Fuel Efficiency

Have you been spending more money on fuel than ever before? Or have you noticed that your car has been consuming more fuel but driving fewer miles? This could also be a sign that your car needs to be serviced.

4. Warning Light

Probably all cars are manufactured with a dashboard warning light. This dashboard warning light is the most noticeable sign that your car needs to be checked.

When you notice that yellow “check engine” light on your dashboard, this indicates that there is an issue with your engine. There are quite a several issues that could affect your engine, so you should get your car to an automotive service expert.

Many cars also have the service indicator in the shape of a spanner on their dashboard, indicating that the car needs to be serviced.

5. Vibration

Whenever you find yourself driving on a smooth road, but your car still vibrates, it could also be a sign telling you to get your vehicle serviced.

Vibrations could be caused by something as little as having loose paneling or being as serious as having loose bearings or unbalanced tires. Regardless of the case, it is advisable to get your vehicle checked by an automotive service in Girraween to be on the safe side.

6. Oil Issues

If proper attention is not given, oil issues can accelerate the rate at which your vehicle deteriorates, also triggering a series of other problems along, which will further increase your expenses.

If you notice your engine sounds louder than usual whenever you start it up, then you probably need to change your oil. Loud engines are sometimes caused by time-worn oil.

Also, if your exhaust starts producing noticeable fumes, then you probably need to change your oil. Ensure that you perform regular checks on your oil regardless of the condition of your vehicle.

7. Grinding Gears

When you notice a grinding noise in your gears, or if you are having difficulties changing gears, it is a definite sign that your car needs a check-up.

8. Spluttering Ignition

Each time your car coughs or splutters whenever you turn on the ignition, it could mean that your car battery is close to the end of its lifespan.

Spluttering starts could also be caused by issues with the starter motor. But regardless of the issue, it is best to take your vehicle for a car service in Girraween.

9. Tire Misalignment

Misalignment of tires is a natural occurrence in cars. The longer you use your car, the more prone it becomes to wear, causing misalignment to occur naturally.

When you feel that your car tires are loose, or each tire wheel wears out individually or differently, then you know you need to get your car tires aligned as soon as possible.

Failure to have your tires checked could lead to dire consequences, hence, it is advisable to have your car checked as soon as misalignment is noticed.

10. Car Stalling

If your car starts getting unresponsive or slow whenever you want to accelerate, you probably have a problem with clogged fuel filters and spark plugs. This can get worse if left unattended, hence, getting your car serviced early will solve the issue and prevent further complications.

Treat your car as you would treat your own body. Just like you would visit the doctor for a check-up when you feel ill, your car should also be treated with proper care and taken to an automotive expert in Girraween for servicing.

Ensure you take proper care of your vehicle by paying close attention to these early tell-tale signs so that your vehicle stays in optimal condition for as long as possible.

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