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Car batteries 

The main reason for cars not starting is a faulty or a dead battery. Big Wheel tyres stock a wide range of heavy duty batteries  for cars and trucks, of all brands and models.

Batteries help you start your engine, they also provide power for lights etc.

Deep Cycle Batteries

  • Deep Cycle Batteries – Deep Cycle batteries can handle longer periods of continuous use without charging. This makes them more suitable for boats, recreational vehicles, golf carts , and road maintenance vehicles.
  • Wet Cell (or Flooded) Batteries – Wet Cell batteries are so named because they have a liquid (most commonly a mixture of lead, sulfuric acid and water) that produces “electrolyte" batteries. Wet Cell batteries are often cheaper than other options, but do not deliver the same comfort and cycle life as VRLA batteries do.
  • Batteries use lithium chemistry (such as lithium phosphate) to have comparable performance but less weight than traditional lead-acid batteries (wet-cell, AGM or gel). This lighter weight is important when you need loads of energy–you can save lots of weight–in, for example, a hybrid car. Lithium batteries are ideal for vehicle-based deep-cycle installations as they withstand extreme discharge (approximately 90 percent) while showing several thousand cycles of life expectancy. This deep-discharge capacity (think of it as an expanded operating range) ensures that the battery system can be downsized and the hardware and components will achieve the same level of performance. There are other benefits too. When used under load and over the discharge period, lithium batteries offer a higher, more reliable voltage, so they accept loading if partially powered. They're often spill-proof and maintenance-free, being of dry design.

Light truck batteries

These vehicles usually require 2 batteries joined together to double the power.

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