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  • 1. A full brake inspection will start with a thorough check of the entire brake system; brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums, callipers and wheel cylinders, brake equipment, hoses, pipes, and master cylinder.
  • 2. Some hoses which are, chaffed, bloated or leaking with age must be repaired. Make sure the new hose has the same form of end fittings as the first one (double-flared or ISO).
  • 3. Also, steel lines must be inspected , for leaks, kinks, severely corroded or destroyed. Use only permitted steel tube with double-flared or ISO flare ends for the steel brake lines.
  • 4. Calipers must be checked to make sure the slides are not seized. The same is true for a frozen calliper (look for irregular wear on the pad), scratched or severely corroded.
  • 5. Leaks at the master cylinder, or a brake pedal that slowly falls to the floor inform you of the need to replace the master cylinder.
  • 6. There is a need to check the rotors and drums for tear, heat cracks, warpage . They should always be resurfaced
  • 7. In many hardware components, corrosion, age have a detrimental effect. Replacing some of those pieces when the brakes are relined is a good idea. New mounting pins and bushings for floating-style callipers are suggested on disc brakes. To lubricate calliper pins and contact points, using high-temperature plastic or silicone brake grease (never ordinary chassis grease).
  • 8. Brake Clips holding shoes should be removed and springs restored. When corroded or frozen, the self-adjusters should be removed. Using brake grease to lubricate self-adjusters and lift points on brake backing boards where touch is created by feet.
  • 9. The last process should always be to replace old brake fluid with fresh fluid.
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