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Clutch Replacement & Servicing Since 1969

Servicing Clients for Four Wheels Tyres from Parramatta, Seven hills , Blacktown, Girraween, Westmead & Surrounding Areas

We can replace the clutch in your car, 4wd or light truck. We are specialists in clutch replacement. Your clutch needs replacement when you notice the following:

  1. 1. slipping….The engine revs excessively when going up hills
  2. 2. Hard to select gears when stationery, especially first or reverse gear
  3. 3. Noisy thrust bearing when you apply the clutch pedal

When changing the clutch its important to do a full inspection of all the components that effect the clutch operation.

The clutch consists of a pressure plate, a clutch plate and thrust bearing.

Yet other clutch system  parts are just as important.

Machining the flywheel is always done to ensure smooth operation of the clutch, a distorted surface or cracking in the face can cause a clutch shudder.

Some cars or vans have what is called a Dual Mass flywheel. This usually can’t be machined, and must be replaced to ensure a vibration free clutch operation

The clutch fork and pivot ball should be changed if any wear is present, these two often overlooked  clutch items affect the take up position of the clutch pedal, and pedal (feel)

Also just as important is the spigot bearing or bush, which fit into the rear of the engine crankshaft  and keeps the gearbox spigot shaft centred.

Whilst performing a clutch replacement you should check,the rear main oil seal in the back of the engine isn’t leaking. If it is, now’s a great time to do it, saving future expensive labour costs

4wd clutch replacement is somewhat more involved because of the size and weight of the transfer case.

Again, it’s a great time to check the oil seals between the gearbox and transfer box.

Whilst the tailshaft is out, the universal joints will need to be checked for movement, and seizing.

Some cars have a rubber (donut) on each end of the tailshaft, again to stop vibration.

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