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It's necessary to find the right load rated tyre for working vehicles like light trucks, commercial vans and utilities. Light truck tyres are built for the work.

Light truck tyres are:

  1. Designed to carry greater loads (higher Load Rated)
  2. Constructed with stronger, more durable materials
  3. Designed to operate at higher inflation pressures

It is vital that you give some thought to your light truck tyres. The entire weight of the truck along with its content rests on the tyres. So, it's crucial that you shouldn't neglect it. Here's what you need to keep in mind for your light truck tyres:

  • Proper Inflation is Necessary

Proper inflation is a vital aspect of maintenance work of your tyre. The air pressure of your light truck tyre must be check at least once a month. Make sure that this check is performed under the standard tyre operation. Also, 50% of the tyres rapidly experience wear and tear due to under-inflation, before complete failure.

  • Rotating the Tyre

To achieve long tread life for your light truck tyre, tyre rotation is critical. Rotation is required because of the different wear quality of a vehicle's every wheel position. Once the oil is changed, the wheels should be rotated. Make it a habit.

  • Visual inspection

You should visually inspect your tyres every now and then for signs of uneven wear. If you do so, you'll be able to find the centre wear, exposed tread bars, cuts and scrapes on the sidewall and the irregular shoulder wear of your light truck tyre.

With these methods, you can take care of your light truck tyres, as they are the foundation of your truck and the work you do with them. It will help improve performance, mileage and the safety of your vehicle.

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