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Log Book Servicing

For log book servicing, we are the preferred choice of car owners, in and around the local area, because we offer reliable, affordable and high-quality car services. We make use of only premium lubricants and car parts, and only the most qualified and experienced technicians will service your car.

We Perform Log Book Servicing of Cars

Log book service comprises of a comprehensive range of services, which is strictly guided by the car manufacturer’s warranty. The completion of these services will preserve the statutory warranty of your vehicle and help to maintain your car in top shape. The log book contains all the information about your vehicle’s service requirements

We offer  log book services  on vehicles of all make and model, such as Mazda, Nissan, Subaro, Hyndai and more. Our broad services include:

  1. Servicing your vehicle to the exact log book requirements.
  2. Log book stamp as per the specifications of your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  3. Maintain the statutory warranty provided by your car’s manufacturer.

We offer state-of-the-art servicing  in  Western Sydney to make sure that your vehicle is operating in its most reliable state. By meticulously following the guidelines set out in your vehicle’s log book, our qualified mechanic will make certain that the life of your vehicle is extended and there are no unexpected breakdowns or repairs, for you to worry about.

Regular log book schedule is going to greatly increase the resale value of your car. Your log book is going to bring complete peace of mind to the potential buyer and knowing that the vehicle has been maintained to the highest manufacturer’s standards and is in great working condition, car buyers in Sydney’s Western suburbs will be happy to pay a good price for it.

Our Log Book Service is the Most Trusted in Sydney

Log book servicing is important  in protecting your new vehicle manufacturer’s warranty and after the expiry of the warranty. It is important for maintaining your car in pristine working condition, as well as, enhance resale value. At  Big Wheel Tyre and Auto Service , you can enjoy A to Z log book services.

Cost-effective prices – Our log book service is competitively priced and it is a fraction of what the car dealers might charge you.

New products used – At Big Wheel tyre and Auto Service, our technicians only use new  quality car parts. Log book services usually demand a change of engine oil , fitting of new spark plugs and filter, checking or replacing of brake pads and timing belts, and so on. For all replacements and repair, we are stocked up on parts by carefully sourcing our products from reputed and trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney.

World-class technology used – The qualified mechanics at Big Wheel Tyres perform log book services in accordance to the precise recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer of your vehicle. Our cutting-edge mechanic facility is fully equipped with latest technologies and equipment for quick and genuine servicing of your car.

Get Big Wheel Tyres to get your log book servicing done, irrespective of whether your vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty or not. We guarantee to get your car serviced quickly, efficiently and for less. We use genuine manufacturer’s parts, but on customer’s insistence, we can also offer good quality after-market components. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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