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Suspension Servicing Since 1969

Servicing Clients for Four Wheels Tyres from Parramatta, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Girraween, Westmead & Surrounding Areas.

The suspension system is the system that supports the load, absorbs and dampens shock and helps maintain contact of the tire with the land.

  • A. A dependent suspension system has a solid axle and goes. Suspension Used the width of the frame at Carcross. It helps to link the wheels on both the left and the right side and to work together as a unit. Because of the connection, if one side of the car moves towards a given direction, the other side would move along. The dependent suspension system is really winning its value on rough terrain.

They are the main suspension structures for rear-wheel-drive vehicles and SUVs, which can withstand tough conditions. For any vehicle which is going to work on rugged topography, it is the suspension system of choice.

  • B. There is not a specific linking axle in the independent suspension system. The wheel of an independent suspension device reacts differently to road conditions, meaning a bounce on one side is not to cause a reaction on the other. The appeal of the autonomous suspension system is the driving efficiency it offers. It's a much more convenient way to get around.

Suspension system service consists of:

  • 1. Suspension Bushing service
  • 2. Ball joint service
  • 3. Shock absorber service
  • 4. Strut service
  • 5. Spring service
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