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Safety is one of the most significant concerns of vehicle manufacturers, and the tyre manufacturers work with them. They are using the latest technologies to ensure durability, tread pattern; and in-house technologies to effective traction and handling.

The process of aligning the wheels with the suspension is called the wheel alignment of a vehicle.

When your car's alignment is out, it can cause tyres to wear quite fast. You'll experience problems in handling and steering the car, more fuel consumption and additional cost of tyre replacement. So, it's important that you check your car's wheel alignment regularly.

There are three different angles at which the wheel alignment is commonly checked.

  • Camber Angle

When you look at it from the front of your car, the inward and outward angle of the tyre is called the camber. If you see that the top of the tyre is pointed towards the centre of the vehicle, then this is negative camber. Similarly, if the top of the tyre is pointing away from the centre, then this is positive camber. Because of this, the inside or outside edge of the tyre will wear out faster than usual. If you see an extreme difference in the camber angle, your car will be pulled in one direction.

  • Toe Angle

The inward and outward angle of the tyre from the centre when seen from above is called the toe angle. With the right toe angle alignment, your car will drive straight and keeps it stable.

  • Caster Angle

This is determined while viewing from the side of the car. If the steering axis tilts towards the driver, then it is a positive caster. But if it tilts away from the driver, then it's a negative caster. The caster angle ensures the handling and steering of the car.

Effects of Improper Alignment

Improper alignment will impact the running costs and safety of the vehicle. Following are some of the significant concerns of improper alignment:

Safety: Improper wheel alignment wears tyres fast. Tyres are the most important part of a car, and the system that they are attached to has to be correctly functioning for better handling.

Increase Tread Wear: Poorly aligned tyres wear faster. A poor wheel alignment will cause tyres to have excessive edge wear that will result in reduced traction and braking distance.

Poor Handling: Vehicles have less traction on the road when proper wheel alignment is not done.

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