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Tyres face a tough time on the road. So, proper suspension, braking and steering components are necessary. Cars do not function properly if the wheels were oval or egg-shaped, as the distributed force needs to be uniform. This is the very reason why wheels need to be balanced. If one aspect of a wheel gets heavier or lighter than the other, it will not behave properly and can cause a vibration . Your wheels need to spread uniformly; otherwise, you are in for one bumpy ride and premature tyre wear.

If your wheel balance is out you'll feel shaking. This is felt through the steering wheel and the seat.

Generally, there are two types of wheel balancing:

Standard Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing ensures that the wheel and the tyre's weight is properly proportioned. To do so, one needs to rotate the wheel on a balancing machine, which helps determine the wheel's stability. If the wheel is not balanced, then small weights are added for equal weight allocation, which ultimately results in the smooth and steady tyre rotation.

Computerized Wheel Balancing

The wheel balancing at Big Wheel Tyres is done through the computerized systems. It allows the wheels to be perfectly balanced that renders a vibration-free, smooth driving experience, and it also improves the car's fuel consumption.

Big Wheel offers the perfect wheel alignment and wheel balancing service at cost-effective rates with the work that is guaranteed. If you feel that your wheel is not balanced correctly, then you need to take action immediately.

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