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Alloy plates, or ' mag wheels, ' are constructed of an aluminum or magnesium alloy or both, occasionally. Such wheels have historically only been popular on high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles, but they have trickled all the way down to even affordable cars over the last two decades, or so.


  1. Appealing look – Steel wheels can never look as good as alloy wheels, and the cosmetic upgrade and enhanced visual impact are the main reasons why so many car owners are opting for them.
  2. Great Performance – Alloy wheels decrease unsprung weight and therefore transfer less friction to the springs, thereby enabling the suspension to more easily follow the ground, giving better grip. Furthermore, a significant change is seen in cornering.
  3. Better braking – This is because there is more stability during braking, as with alloy wheels.
  4. Good fuel economy – Since alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, fuel efficiency has to some degree been improved.
  5. Resistance to corrosion – Because alloy wheels are usually made of aluminium alloy, corrosion and rust are much better protected.
  6. Suitable for tubeless tires – Alloy wheels are completely airtight and are therefore the perfect foil for tubeless tires, unlike steel wheels, where you suffer minute pressure drops.
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